At the Outer Banks

by Rob Tiller

Just before the four-wheeling area at Corolla

We had a family gathering at the Outer Banks for the Fourth of July Weekend.  My sister and her family made us welcome at their place in Corolla, and we did what you do at the beach:  some reading, dipping in the ocean, walking on the beach, getting sunburned.  I went out at sunrise with my camera and tripod.  I took some pictures of pelicans, got my new SUV stuck in the sand, and needed a pull to get out.  We ate and drank too much, and had some good laughs.  

It was good to relax, and take a little break from the Trump show.  You could easily wear yourself out with worrying these days, with so many big things to worry about, but  the resistance needs a little R&R from time to time.   

One afternoon three of us signed up for a wild horse tour — that is, a four-wheeling trip along the beach north of Corolla and up into the dunes to look about for the resident wild horses.  We had some good luck, and found a group of four eating before a storm moved in.  I felt a little better about getting stuck after I saw dozens of vehicles having the same problem.