My dinner with Jocelyn

by Rob Tiller

Last night Jocelyn and I had dinner at Bright Palace, the one and only vegetarian sushi restaurant in Cary (and probably in the Southeastern United States).  Great food, including rolls of many spicy flavors. Joc was feeling positive about the veggie lifestyle, as was I.  It’s easy when you have such a variety of delicious options.

We talked of poetry, fiction, and history.  She’s just finished a major Chaucer project, and found it more enjoyable than expected.  She recommended a Cormac McCarthy work in terms that did not close the sale (“the most violent novel ever”).  And we talked about the genocide of the American indigenous people, and how curious it is that without any formal censorship the subject gets suppressed throughout early grade history classes.  As  college students specialize, those with technical specialities may never get the word.

A painful subject from many angles.  But what a good conversation.  This is a highly satisfying phase of parenthood.